Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Several reasons "why not" to vote for #HillaryClinton 2016 :

Several reasons "why not" to vote for #HillaryClinton 2016 :

The country is divided across the board - Hillary Clinton is not bipartisan and will only further divided America.

 Hillary Clinton's decision making on foreign policy is greatly influenced by terrorist organizations like #Hamas & #MuslimBrotherhood etc - as they have given millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton will never invoke the trust of the American people, as she has been caught in repeated scandals due ( #Benghazi, email scandal etc) to her non truth-telling. She's a great politician but nothing is presidential about Hillary Clinton

 The Clinton's are seen as elitist to tha everyday American and will not inspire the middle class. The Clinton's in the White House will be consumed with "unfulfilled prophecies" of their last stint in the White House. Trying to correct the past and overthrowing past enemies. America needs to move forward with a clean slate a pure slate..

The bottom line is: Bill and Hillary Clinton representing our country again is like a person, getting a divorce and then, going back to the partner - who, brought them so much grief.
It's time to move forward and not get caught up in this hype of the "first black president" or the "first woman president" and think with our American Intellect..