Thursday, October 8, 2015

America, returning to its spiritual roots of kabalah!

Everybody knows, the founding fathers of America studied #Kabbalah & the #Constitution is a document inspired by #Kabbalistic thinking.

Arguably, one could say; America has strayed from its spiritual roots of Kabbalah. Which has influenced a #intellectual and #spiritual departure from America being a #Republic.

America needs to return to its original spiritual roots of Kabbalah and our Constitution needs to be reanalyzed, understood from a Kabbalistic frame of thinking (Exactly like our founding fathers). It's not about a new #religion, as it is, a set of new lenses 2 see unified religion .
Influencing all American religions towards more #spirituality vs divisive structures/ideas.

We need more "spiritually intelligent" ppl making decisions for America and less people whom have memorized facts from books in classrooms.

It's such a ridiculous notion - to think people who've  excelled in outdated College institutions. Can actually create solutions, in the Real world 2015 nd beyond.

Lets be real: The American #educationsystem is not producing relevant skillset workers.

Maybe, back in the day... when America's private sector was based around factories and supply lines.
But now! - #Google search, is education and creativity is human expression.
so.. i ask u?
Currently - who are the #geniuses/most important thinkers in American society? - people who have memorized facts from a professor, who also memorized facts or individuals, with #holistic thinking; which is not currently taught in are institutions?

America cannot achieve a "Perfect Union" without the reestablishment of the original spiritual ideology of its land, the same #ideology, the Constitution was written with!