Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm not a color I'm a man!

The United States government created the social identification management concept of Black & White people.
1)Why do we need color identification on our US Census report?
2)Wouldn't focusing on the economic status of American citizens be more comprehensive in terms of finding solutions for social inequities?
  -US Census report says by 2050 over 70% of the United States will be of mixed marriage.
3)Who's black, who's white, who decides, in 2050?
4)Black and White are device terms holding America back from reaching a more Perfect Union!
5)Time for Americans to proclaim there humaneness by rejecting color identification as a way of understanding our fellow Americans.
6)No more black-and-white; just American!

"The American Anthropological Association recommends the elimination of the term 'race' from OMB Directive 15 during the planning for the 2010 Census. During the past 50 years, 'race' has been scientifically proven to not be a real, natural phenomenon. More specific, social categories such as 'ethnicity' or 'ethnic group' are more salient for scientific purposes and have fewer of the negative, racist connotations for which the concept of race was developed."

- Shariff Mordechai Hazan US Congress 37th district 2016

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I declare war against Karen bass!

It's important to note: current Congress person Karen Bass for sure does not care or represent the Jewish position in the 37th district on the Iran Nucular Deal. Karen Bass's loyalty is to the Black Caucus whom are supported by anti-israel organizations. When Prime Minister Netanyahu traveled from Israel warning America on the dangers of Iran nuclear deal. Karen Bass rejected the responsibility of representing the Jewish community - by not even showing up 2 hear Netanyahu's presentation 2 Congress (on the bad deal with Iran). Karen Bass does not support Israel's success or growth. Karen bass does not represent the Jewish community's foreign policy opinion in 37th district.

- Shariff Mordechai Hazan for Congress 37th district 2016