Sunday, August 7, 2016

What the African-American Community needs to know about Israel!

When you think about it - Israel has all of the cultural innovations the African-American Community needs to become wealthy, Beyond imagination in the 21st century (idea based economy).

There's only 43 million African Americans in the whole world but collectively possess over a trillion dollars in buying power.

African American entrepreneurs Across America need technology partners, not a particular company or innovation but "a sector" constantly creating culturally relevant customized Innovations.

Through Israeli customized Technologies the African-American Community can regain it power, of the communities buying power - monetizing it, to improve their quality of life.

Israel is revolutionising the world with technological innovations across the board. What's being created in Israel is improving the quality of life for the whole world.

Self education is the premise of intellectual growth in the 21st century, like it or not,

The African American Community needs a technological sector (Israeli technology) - Seeing the economic and social benefits in creating Innovations to improve the capacity of self-education and business creation in the African American community.

The hip-hop Community needs to take a serious look at the ability to maximize their brands, content creation and Grassroots communities through Israeli technology.