Monday, March 7, 2016

is Donald Trump a good businessman?

People talk about how good of a businessman Donald Trump is but when you think about it... what has this campaign done for Donald Trump's brand?
What was his "brand" worth or how was it perceived, before the campaign, versus now vs later?
From a business standpoint, the Latino market place is huge and it's pretty obvious - the International Spanish community will never forgive or forget, Donald Trump's campaign statements.
what will Donald Trump's relationships in the Middle East to be like after the campaign - how will his brand be perceived in the Muslim world? Donald Trump brags about how he hasn't had to spend a lot of money on his campaign because of all of the Free Press - but how much will it cost him to mend broken relationships and rebuild his brand after the campaign?
If Donald Trump doesn't know how to represent his own brand correctly.. how can we trust him to represent America?

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