Friday, March 4, 2016

what black people need the most!

For all of my minority friends whom are so loyal to the Democratic Party: please tell me how do we stop welfare culture, welfare thinking, in the black community? Decisions and policies for your future aren't based off of who you like better; personality-wise.

The African American community hasn't thought about "economic mobility" for 40 years -Plus. African Americans historically are some of the most innovative people on American soil - why haven't we financially capitalized on our innovations?

The concept of Hillary Clinton's "economic equality": is the Democratic Party's way of saying to the black community; "wait for the head of the plantation, to make life better for you, cuz you can't do it on your own!".

Welfare consciousness, takes away the spirit of God, the will of a man, the ability for a community to capitalize on innovation/think for themselves! - and most importantly, welfare culture has destroyed the African American family subsequently destroying the African American community.

If you think Socialism, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is going to do anything but make "black people more poor"- shame on you, shame on you, shame on you - this isn't a, who would I rather have coffee with personality contest.

Every -social inequity in the black community can be directly traced to welfare culture, welfare thinking, welfare consciousness - gang violence, incarceration, broken families; is all a byproduct of welfare consciousness, welfare thinking, welfare culture.

-Shariff Mordechai Hazan for Congress 2016

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